Month: October 2013

Early Autumnal Mornings

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I love getting up early this time of year.  I’ve always been an early riser, it’s not something I’m able to change, it’s just that the appeal of getting up earlier for me depends on the time of year.  Give me a dark December or January morning and I’d rather stay in bed when I wake up sans-alarm at 0700.  This morning captured what I love about this time of year.

Before I pulled up the blind this morning I knew that I’d be greeted by a deep blue sky.  Without going outside, I knew that there would be a cool crispness in the air.  If I lived somewhere a bit more rural than central London, I’d look forward to seeing the dew on the grass.  I look forward even more to seeing the first frost of the year.  Today for me signalled the start of the part the year in Britain that I love; perhaps because I have so many fond memories from my school days that were captured on mornings like this.

West London Ride
West London Ride

I had a good breakfast of a chicken and onion omelette and and an espresso and decided that I’d go out for a ride.  I planned to road test the new slicks that I fitted (with a great deal of regret) to my Orange G4 a few weeks ago by riding from home to the office and set out with that in mind.

I got as far as Embankment and discovered that I another weekend of road closures was going to prevent me from taking the route that I’d planned.  I was on Westminster Bridge.  I quickly decided to explore part of London that I’m not very familiar with – the stretch of London south of the river between Lambeth and Putney.  I decided not to rush, I wanted to make the most of being outside.  I ended up crossing the Thames 4 times, but really enjoyed the ride.

I have promised myself that I will spend more time outdoors this autumn and that I’ll invest in a new DSLR to capture some images at a time of the year that I enjoy so much.