Volcano Sunrise

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Sunrise over Bali

I climbed Mount Batur again this morning to watch the sun rise.

At the summit with guide, Dede

We set out from our accommodation in Ubud just after 0200 and arrived at the base of Batur just over an hour later.  Our ascent took less time than it did last year, but it definitely felt more challenging. Our guide was a 19 year old Balanese guy called Dede who was working as a mountain guide to fund his studies in Denpasar and sometimes ascended Batur twice a day. Perhaps some of his energy transferred to us and encouraged us to make the ascent faster than we would have done.

We climbed to the top crater this year – we didn’t make it to this level last year – and we sat waiting for the sun to rise over Bali. The sky was wonderfully clear and we were even able to see Mt Rinjani on Lombok from our crater vantage point.

Crater Rim Walking

Once the sun had risen, we climbed up and around the crater rim.  This climb was mainly on hands and knees and the exposure managed to turn a few other crater climbers back – the crater rim is steep sided and steam rises gently from open vents in the inner crater wall making the narrow track damp and slippery in places.

The descent was just as challenging as our ascent, sharp volcanic rock rolled underfoot as we slowly picked our way down through the narrow channels created by the hundreds who make the journey to the summit of Batur every day.


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