About Matt

Matt Jones is a technical specialist working for a major global investment bank in London.  Matt specialises in Delta One Market Making and ETFs, and has a strong technical background in Java development and Oracle WebLogic.  A full list of Matt’s technical skills can be found on his LinkedIn profile.

Matt uses Apple products and has owned a few Macs since his first Apple PowerBook G4.  Matt uses a MacBook Pro for the majority of his work and is currently using a MacBook Pro Retina.  Matt uses Parallels to run CentOS and Oracle XE on his Mac.

Matt is passionate about photography.  All photography featured on this site is his own work.  You can see more of Matt’s work, and details on licensing on Flickr.  Matt had his first DSLR stolen in 2013, which although annoying provided a great excuse to upgrade to a Canon 6D!

Sitting in front of a computer screen pressing buttons all day isn’t a career that really supports an active lifestyle unless you put in the effort.  In early 2012 Matt decided that he had not invested enough time in personal health and fitness, and that he had to change.  Matt has spent a few years researching nutrition, exercise and fitness and the relationships between them.  Matt regularly enjoys weightlifting, sailing and cycling on a regular basis.  Matt has trained at CrossFit London and is currently working on a strength and conditioning programme.



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