A winter walk with a new camera

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Blue Shoes!
As part of my “procrastinate less” theme that I wanted to put into play this year, I went out and bought myself a new camera, and with it rekindled my love of photography. I went for a Canon 6D and paired it with a 24-105 L lens – I’m very pleased with it so far.

Yesterday was a wintery Saturday, cold blue skies and just enough cloud to provide interesting views for shooting. I went for a walk up a hill not too far away and tried to capture the best of colours offered by the afternoon.

More photography here…



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Virginia Water to Windsor
Virginia Water to Windsor

I’ve been doing a bit more walking recently.  Last weekend my friend Jon and I walked from Virginia Water to Windsor Castle via Windsor Great Park and the Long Walk.   I’ve been tracking metrics from my walks using my Garmin Edge 800.  It’s not ideal as it’s really designed for use on a bike, although it’s better than nothing.

Here’s the link to my Garmin stats for the walk: